The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) or shortly Better Cotton , a global nonprofit organization, is the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. The Better Cotton network includes more than 2,500 members worldwide from farmers, gins, spinners, suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, non-governmental organisations, donators and governments.

The Better Cotton Standard System is a holistic approach to sustainable cotton production and supply, covering the environmental, social and economic elements of sustainability.



Better Cotton Principles&Criteria  

A critical component of the Better Cotton Standard System is the Better Cotton Principles and Criteria, which set out the global definition of Better Cotton through seven guiding principles.

By following these principles, Better Cotton Farmers produce cotton in ways that are better for them, their communities, and the environment.

These seven principles are as follows:

– Crop Protection

– Water Stewardship

– Soil Management

– Biodiversity

– Fiber Quality

– Decent Work

– Management System

As Lima Certification, we carry out Third Party Verifications of Farmers and Cotton Lands.


Better Cotton Chain of Custody (COC) Standard

Better Cotton Chain of Custody Standard is the fundamental framework that connects Better Cotton supply with demand.

Better Cotton Chain of Custody Standard creates documentation and evidence that shows the progression of Better Cotton along the supply chain, from the farmers who grow Better Cotton to the companies that supply it. It ensures that the volume of Better Cotton requested by Better Cotton Retailers and Brand Members does not exceed the volume of Better Cotton produced by licensed Better Cotton Farmers in any given time period.

Better Cotton Chain of Custody Standard structure is as follows:

  1. Introduction and Chain of Custody Requirements
  2. Management System Requirements
  3. Purchasing, Material Receipt, Storage and Production
  4. Sales and Goods Out
  5. Volume Reconciliation of Inputs and Outputs
  6. CoC Supply Chain Models

Better Cotton Chain of Custody Standard requirements apply globally to all supply chain organizations that purchase or sell physical Better Cotton or fulfill Better Cotton Mass Balance orders. These include (but are not limited to) raw cotton, gins, merchants, spinning mills, fabric mills, dye houses, yarn and/or fabric traders, end product manufacturers, intermediaries and retailers and brands with their own production capabilities.

Organizations shall apply to the Better Cotton Team before participating in the programme.

After the application of the applicant organizations is reviewed, a category will be assigned to the organization according to the information provided:

Category A – Organizations classified as low risk will need to be assessed within 3 years of entering the program and will be subject to ongoing monitoring and verification by the Better Cotton Team.

Category B – Remote or on-site assessment is required within 12 months of entering the program. For ginners this will depend on the season and will need to occur within a season.

Category C – An on-site physical assessment is required before the organization can begin trading physically traceable Better Cotton.


Lima Certification is a Third-Party Verifier approved by Better Cotton Initiative(BCI).

You can contact us to get more detailed information and to apply.