Social & Labor Convergence Programme

SLCP (Social & Labor Convergence Program) is a non-profit multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to eliminate audit fatigue in global supply chains. They provide the tools and system for a high-quality comparable data set on working conditions that can be used by all industry stakeholders. This increases transparency in supply chains, reduces the need for social audits and ultimately allows users to redeploy resources into improving working conditions.

Facilities can share their SLCP verified data with as many stakeholders and clients as they want. SLCP verified data is designed to be compatible with different standards or Codes of Conduct. This allows brands, retailers and standards the flexibility to add their own scoring or interpretation to the data, according to their needs.

Lima Certification is here to assist you in learning and applying SLCP processes as an SLCP-Approved Training Body. For more information, you can reach us from the contact section.